Cikkszám 101155
EAN kód 5999548690116
VTSZ 76071111
Db / karton 30
Db / raklap 2160
Sor / raklap 4
Karton / sor 18
Karton / raklap 72
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MAZZINI ” Value for money ” ALUPACK 20 m

  • Alloyed, heat treated, rolled product. It is indeed ” good value for money ” because due to its alloy tensile strength is close to thicker Premium items but costs less. 

    Easy to unwind, user friendly.

    Maintains freshness, aromas and tastes of food and sandwiches.

    Versatile use in kitchen and household.

    Useful partner  when travelling for packing and fresh keeping

    Among others can be used for packing vegetables, fruits, and for covering finished food, ready made meals, cakes, cheese, cold plates, plates, tray

    Product advantages and characteristics :

    • Reserves moisture of food and keeps it warm when packed.
    • Protects food from dust, rain or insects when you cover it with this foil out in the open ( on balconies, terasses or garden party ) 
    • Odour and tasteless, graseproof. Heat resistant up to 250 C.
    • Excellent for decoration purposes.
    • Fresh, attractive attention grabbing product design thanks to displaying a large area of the foil itself.
    • This appearance relflects truly the good quality of this product which suits a wide range of customers. 
    • Identification of the various sizes ( 10,20, and 30 meters ) is helped by using different colours to mark dimension repeatedly at several places of the packaging.
    • Our practical display cartons enable demanding and easy visualisation of the products and help the work of shop assistan
    • Not to be used in microwave ovens !
    • Keep it away from naked flame or electricity !
    • Not recommended for packing strongly acidic or savoury food !
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