Our new address :
Levélcímünk: 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 160.
Postal address :

 Tax No.  VAT No. (????)
 Company registration no.

Tel.1: (+361) 203 61 23

Phone :
Tel.2: (+3620) 626 34 77

E-mail: mazzini@mazzini.hu

E-mai for placing orders :

Warehouse hours : From 8 am to 3 pm.

We supply retailers , wholesalers, public companies, HORECA users and are naturally happy to be contacted by new partners from these fields.

For complete pallet lots discount will be granted.

Regarding other matters ( discounts, payment terms, delivery etc. ) please contact us by e- mail or phone

Vehicles up to 3,5 tons can approach us going from Határ út towards Petőfi Bridge ( from South to North ) taking a right turn at the gate of 160. Soroksári út  Entering the site immediately take a right turn and after Zalakerámia Mazzini Ltd. is on the left. ( Due to narrow gate trucks and lorries  exceeding 12 tons can only enter the site from the far end gate at 95. Gubacsi út )

Coming from Petőfi Bridge ( travelling from North to South ) on Soroksári út it is forbidden to take a left turn at our site. Therefore at Illatos út junction at the traffic lights take a left turn then at the next set of traffic lights turn right into Gubacsi út. Entrance to our site is at Gubacsi út 95.

Then straight on and at the building opposite to left and immediately right until the end of the building where Mazzini Ltd. is located. Our warehouse for collecting goods is just after the corner ( grey shutter ). The bell is on left of the gate.

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