Cikkszám 101220
EAN kód 5999548690031
VTSZ 76071111
Db / karton 40
Db / raklap 2240
Sor / raklap 4
Karton / sor 14
Karton / raklap 56
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Cost saving item due to lower thickness.

Good functionality but less resistance to load.

May break during application.

In return you pay less and put lower burden on environment.

Can be used for baking, cooking, steaming or packing.

Versatile kitchen application like in refrigirators, freezers, ovens or travel.
Not to be used in microwave ovens !

Product advantages and characteristics :

  • Preserves freshness of food.
  • Maintains aromas and tastes.
  • Keeps the moisture of food.
  • Keeps meals warm.
  • Hygienic, odour- and tasteless.
  • Perfectly greaseproof and fireproof up to 600 C.
  • Not recommended for use with acidic and savoury food !
  • Keep it away from electricity !
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