Cikkszám Item No. 101230
EAN kód  EAN code 5999548690055
VTSZ 76071111
Db / karton  piece/carton 18
Db / raklap    piece/pallet 864
Sor / raklap   Row/pallet 3
Karton / sor   Carton/row 16
Karton / raklap  Carton/pallet 48
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Mainly for HORECA application but for households as well , covering, packing large size food , trays, plates

Application fields :

An elegant and safe way to protect, pack, store or transport cold snacs by  party service companies 

Indispensible packing material for buffets and  gyros stalls

Multiple applications in large catering kitchens , company canteens, restaurants or hospitals

Helpful when packing and taking away cold breakfast in hotels.

Product advantages and characteristics :

  • User friendly, easy and safe unwinding, little risk of breaking
  • Alufoil protcts foodstuff from outside impactm humidity and contamination.
  • Helps to maintain moisture , freshness and aroma of food.
  • Packed food will remain warm.
  • Suitable for use in refrigirators and oven.
  • Protects refrigirated food from catching or srpreading odours.
  • Odour and taste free. Greaseproof . Heatproof up to 600 C.
  • Foil may get in direct contact with food.
  • Rolls are individually packed and are protected from damage by foam resp. bubble foil.
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