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Mazzini Premium Garbage bag Extra strong 200L

For heavier loads, when collecting or storing waste in the household, around the house or in the garden.
  • Product advantages and characteristics :

    • Made of recycled poliethylene in black colour
    • Sold in practical rolled from. Can be individually detached at perforation.
    • Thanks to higher wall thickness serves as self carrying bag.
    • For collecting and storing waste from the houshold and garden.
    • Indispensable for collecting and hygienic handling heavy waste .
    • Suitable for disposing and carrying debris resulting from renovation of flats and houses.
    • For collecting and storing rugs and other items to be kept.
    • Can withstand heavy loads thanks to their thicker material.
    • In case of extreme load it is recommended to use two bags together.
    • To be used with limitation when collecting or moving sharp, pointed items.
    • Easy identification on the shelves made possible by wide Premium label.
    • Our practical and attractive display cartons ease and save labour in the stores.
    • When disposed they disintegrate to components harmless to environment.
    • Keep it away from children ! Can cause suffocation when pulled over the head !

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