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MAZZINI Garbage bag 110 L (60 x 100 cms)

  • For collecting and storing waste from the household from around the house and garden    

    We have not only renewed the label design of Mazzini Garbage bags making them colourful and attractive, but it also emphesizes our  aspiration and devotion towards 100 % recycled PE products.

    The new label design carries a message supporting and strengthening our goal : ” save the environment ” ! We encourage every human being to act together for a better and greener future using these products. They are really guardiens of nature and ecologycal equilibrium in the field of plastics. The renewed Garbage bag family is an actual cry to everybody : ” Lets act together for our future !”

    Product advantages and characteristics:

    • All products in this family are only made of collected and recycled PE foil by efficiently using waste appearing in our environment. Garbage bags made 100 % this way contribute beneficially to the steadily increasing practice of ” Turn useless waste into useful raw material !”
    • Those buying and distributing these items support recycling of waste and do not generate the need for newly produced additional plastics which find their way into nature . The result is less load on the Earth , protection of environment and our planet.
    • The elegant design of our garbage bags has a strong green feel and is different size by size. When placed on the shelves they are attention grabbing for the customers advertising their good quality offering the buyer to personally and consciously support the aim with their purchase and usage.
    • The “Standard bags” are bin liners the “Strong bags” can be used as self carrying items.
    • They are made in rolled form and can individually be detached from the roll at perforation.
    • A few examples for their application:

    For collecting and carrying waste around the house

    For disposing of debris and waste resulting from renovation 

    Collecting and storing of rugs or other items 

    For garden waste like grass and autumn leaves

    • The various sizes ( 110,130,150 and 200 litres ) are distinguished by different label graphics making visual identification easy and quick
    • “Strong” bags have a thicker wall and are thus user friendly . They are more durable do neat break easily.
    • In case of extreme load it is recommended to use two bags together.
    • Our range makes it possible to line all types of communal round or square garbage containers when using the appropriate size. 
    • Our garbage bag may be used with limitation when collecting or storing sharp items.
    • The dark colour of these bags discreetly conceals their content
    • When destroyed they disintegrate to components harmless to nature.

    Keep it away from children ! Can cause suffocation when pulled over the head !

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