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MAZZINI Drawstring garbage bags 110 L (60 x 100 cms )

For collecting and storing hosehold waste in a practical and mobile way and for easyness of carrying.

Product advantages and characteristics:

  • Easy to handle and hygienic because they close when full and can be lifted  by the “ears”.
  •  Closed top stops waste from falling out and reduces odour to spread.
  • Our wide selection of dimensions makes them suitable for lining almost any kitchen bin.
  • Material is prime quality PE foil which is harmless to health.
  • Safe material thickness makes them user friendly, low risk of ripping.
  • With its top closed will not contaminate collective garbage bin.
  • These bags are sold in easy to hande rolled form.
  • Various dimensions are produced with different colours. This makes visual identification and distinguishing during shopping.
  • Opaque colours conceal contect discreetly.
  • Our display cartons support presenting these products attractively and help shop assistants to display them.
  • Fresh and clean product design makes our packing attention grabbing and therefore user friendly.
  • Other functions :
  • Ideal for storing unseasonal clothes 
  • Suitable for garden activity e.g. for collecting autumn leaves.
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