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MAZZINI Perforated cling film 100 sheets (45 m) in box

Are you fed up with annoying scratching when trying to start using your stuck cling film ? Are you angry when you manage finally but the film shrinks and wrinkles in your hand so you cannot use it appropriatly ? At the end you decide to buy a more expensive but well managable film ? 
With this new product we offer you a solution to stop the everyday hassle making your packing and covering practice comfortable and joyful.
Get aquainted with Mazzin Perforated Cling Film every housewife’s dream !

Product characteristics and advantages :
This Mazzini Premium perforated cling film contains 100 sheets. The roll is 45 meters long and is perforated after each 45 cms long piece. 
This way you achieve 100 individual sheets, so you can pack 100 times. 
Transparent, environment friendly hosehold foil made of PE, harmless to health.
Especially recommended for airtight sealing of various food products ( e.g. meat, vegetables, ready meals, salads ) in refrigirators or under normal condtions. 
You may also use it in freezers. 
  • This product is easy to handle !
  • Quick, simple, even children can use it. Does not fool husbands either.
  • Helps to keep food freshness and aromas.
  • Thanks to airtight seal food in the fridge food will not catch smell of other stored items or the fridge odour. Serves to cover and close any design of pots.
  • Cost effective packing material.
  • Completely taste and odor free, greaseproof .
  • Has outstanding stretch and sticking nature. 
  • Crystal clear foil structure witnesses its ecologically clean manufacturing process and guarantees complete safety when it gets in contact with food. 
  • Conforms fully to EU Foodhygienic and Environmental regulations.
  • A further practical advantage is the lean packaging box which fits in the drawer but is at hand when needed. 
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