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Cling film 29cms x 1500 m

Often used in the food industry due to its innumerable application possibilities.
Producers can simply cover with the cling film fruits, vegetables placed on a foam tray. Easy usde makes it a very much liked packing tool.
Can be applied quickly and easily. Adjusts itself to the shape of any product placed on a storage surface.
Protects food from outside effects, humidity or contamination.
The party service organizations which prepare cold snacks after finishing their finger licking salads can be helped by this foil to store and transport food without spreading odours or getting dusty.
Practical use in bigger catering kitchens or hospitals.
Perfect for application in buffets or in waiting halls for public transport when offering prepacked sandwiches.
This product is referred to by a number of different names according to field of application , or auxiliary materials used. Such names can be : catering foil, food wrapping foil, cling film or foam tray packing foil.
  • Keeps food fresh , secures odour free storage.
  • In refrigirators or freezers protects odour spreading or catching and maintains moisture, tastes and aromas of meet.
  • In freezers it protects from so called freeze burns, meaning it wont stick to freezer walls.
  • Can be freely used for acidic or savoury food stuff.
  • Protects food from dust, rain or insects in the open ( balconies, tarraces )
  • Seals aromas and water, completely greaseproof.
  • Recommended for use between – 35 and + 110 C.
  • PE product, does not contain harmful elements.
  • Not to be used in oven or hot plate.
  • In microwave ovens use it only for heating . Melts over 110 C !
  • For food hygienic reasons do not use the same foil more than once !
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