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MAZZINI Cellophane 4 sheets 40×40 cms

Ideal for fruit preservation and packing.
  • Cellulose based crystal clear natural raw material.
  • Contrary to fruit preservation foil will not soften by heat but it will when in contact with water because of its capillarity.
  • Consequently cellophane will become soft and applicable when dipped or soaked in water. Fruit preserving foil does not react with water it is water repellent.
  • The uncut sheets of this cellophane allow tayloring it to the required size and form.
  • In case of covering bigger bottles  or jars, it is advised to apply double folded sheets.
  • Make sure that in the course of preservation cellophane does not get on touch with the content. Then it will stretch out on the bottle top.
  • Cellophane is a “breathing” material, so during several months of preserving fruits, pickles in a cellophane covered bottle content will lose from its juices and compote may  rise to the top.
  • Some fruits ( peaches, pears ) may become slightly browninsh in colour, top of jams eventually become dry.
  • This product is hygienic without any health hazard.
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