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Mazzini Recycled garbage bag 30 L

  • Plastic lining bag for collecting and storing communal and kitchen waste

    Product characteristics and advantages :

    • These types of products are exclusively made from  PE foil which is produced by selectively collected and recycled plastic waste 
    • Those marketing and buying this product  support the recycling of plastic waste, and do not induce production and application of  new  plastic items.  This way you help to avoid  further load on our planet which means protecting it.
    • The packing of this garbage bag gives a green feeling, is elagant and varied in colour size by size thus grabbing the attention of customers when placed on the shelves. It underlines high quality and emphasizes how conscious purchasing and usage represent personal support to its cause.
    • The various sizes ( 20,30, and 60 litres ) do not only have a different design label but are also made in different colours. Therefore it is easy to identify them when shopping
    • Thanks to their covered colour material the bag discreetly conceals its content.
    • Practical rolled execution
    • Easy to detach each piece along perforation
    • Especially suitable for lining kitchen bins . Fitting most sizes due to wide selection in dimensions
    • Ensures hygiene, protects bins from contamination and when emptied daily there will be no unpleasant odour in the kitchen.
    • Low cost item
    • When containing heavy or sharp items empty it carrying the bin as well.

    Keep it away from children ! Can cause suffocation when pulled over the head !

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