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Mazzini Garbage bin liner 45 x 50 cms

Plastic garbage bin liner for collecting and storing waste in the household and kitchen
  • Product advantages and characteristics :

    • Simple standard product
    • Easy to use rolls
    • Individual bags can easily be detached at perforation
    • Mainly used as lining of kitchen bins and dimension choice makes them suitable for most types
    • Protects bin from getting contaminated and the kitchen from unpleasant odours when emptied daily
    • Cost saving economic item. Its thin material means less waste and less burden on the environment. In caseof containing heavy or sharp items the bag should be carried for emptying together with the bin.
    • Hygienic, nad heat resistant up to 110 C
    • Made of first class coloured PE foil harmless to health
    • Covered colour plastic bag conceals content discreetly
    • Disintegration is harmless to the environment
    • Each size ( 20,30 and 60 litres ) made of different colour, easy to identify visually when shopping
    • Clean minimalist packing design but still attracts attention
    • Packing and labelling of each size is different therefore easy to identify

    Keep it away from children ! Can cause suffocation when pulled over the head !

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