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MAZZINI Baking paper Silicone coated 38cms x 8m

The reliable excellent quality baking paper that will surely not upset you.
For lining trays and baking moulds when preparing savoury or sweet cakes, pizzas, chicken, French fries etc.
Both sides may be used also multiple times
  • Tray will stay clean does not get contaminated
  • Healthy cooking since no need to grease it or scatter it with flour
  • Suitable for packing greasy food like cold cuts, meat products etc.
  • Stops  baked finished cakes from breaking.
  • Top of the cakes will not get burnt when covered with this baking paper
  • Suitable for use refrigirators and freezers.
  • Can be used in microwave ovens
  • Taste and odour free, heat resistant up to 220 C
  • To be used only in preheated ovens !
  • Make sure paper does not contact hot oven walls !
  • Do not place paper close to open flame or sizzling wire !
  • Do not use it for grilling !
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