Item No. 103030
EAN code 5999548690871
VTSZ 48115900
Piece/carton 40
Piece/pallet 1920
Row/pallet 3
Carton/row 16
Carton/pallet 48
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MAZZINI PREMIUM Quality Silicone coated baking paper 8m (38cms wide)

For lining all kinds of trays and baking forms and covering savory and salty pastry during baking

Product advantages and characteristics :

Highest quality especially pure Norwegian raw material ensures the unique premium features of this product.

Dough will not stick to it but there is much more to it.

Thicker silicone coating on both sides of the paper than on most competing product on the market, therefore easy to remove anything from it.

Can be used more times than an average baking paper

Both sides might be applied

Tray will be less contaminated therefore cleaning is simpler and easier

Baking is healthier as there is no need to lubricate trays or scatter them with flour 

Finished cakes won’t break

Cake surface will not get burnt when covered with baking paper

Can be used in refrigirators, freezers, microwave ovens

Ideal for packing cold cuts, meat products

Elegant attention grabbing presentation

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