Item No. 103032
EAN code 5999548690536
VTSZ 48115900
Piece/carton 20
Piece/pallet 1680
Row/pallet 7
Carton/raw 12
Carton/pallet 84
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MAZZINI Baking paper sheets 20 pcs (silicone coated) in box

Cut to size baking paper  for lining trays

Sold in elegant, attractive unique pack design

Detailed information concerning use available on the packaging

Unbleached, completely chlorine free raw material

Unique to the Hungarian market  on a full side of the box message to our customers dealing with environment protection and the importance of ecological equilibrium. We provide new information about the well thought environment conscious production of our baking paper sheets. 

This comprehensive and new personal message  has a strong marketing effect towards the customer. We make them realize how much they can contribute to safeguarding the environment and our planet.

Mazzini’s silicone coated baking papers  have always been enjoyed by our cutomers assisting them in  baking and packing. Now we introduce the new member of our Comfort product family , silicone coated baking paper sheets which satisfy every demand of the modern age. 

Product advantages and characteristics :

  • With individual sheets in the boxes there is no need to cut or tear , no upsetting break at the wrong place.
  • Ideal for lining all types of baking trays.
  • Suitable for baking savoury and sweet cakes, pizzas, chicken, french fries.
  • Can be used on both sides and several times.
  • Dough will not stick to paper
  • Trays will be less contaminated easier to clean.
  • Healthy cooking by using it as the trays need no greasing or or scattering with flour
  • Helps to avoid finished cakes to break
  • When covered with our baking paper top of the baked item will not burn
  • Applicable in refrigirators, freezers or microwave ovens.
  • Ideal for packing of greasy food like cold cuts and  meat products.
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