More about our company

Mazzini International Ltd. is since 2003 present on the Hungarian packaging technic market.

We provide practical, hygienic and easy solutions in packaging, waste collecting of everyday life.

During all these years Mazzini’s name became synonimous with quality and reliability

As a result we are acknowledged supplier of both our wholesale and retail customers.

We are also experiencing an increase in the number of our HORECA partners, although pandemic had a strong negative effect in this field.

Export also increased significantly in recent years

According to feedback from our partners our products are well recieved and liked, quite a few of them stand out inpite of strong competition.

Our designs are neat, elegant pointing to future.

Our product range covers the field of household packing materials and foils almost entirely.

It includes various dimensions of alufoils and cling films, classical and modern garbage bags as well as baking papers and baking bags , BBQ items , alutrays, food bags and fruit preservation products.

On top of all that we offer packaging materials to enterprises and HORECA users, some industrial protective foils and bags for debris. Our products fall in two main categories, standard products and Premium range the latter satisfying high demands.

With favourable prices and conditions we have proven our ability to beat competition even on  the most depressed market of private label, often as leaders in the field.

The well thought strategy of Mazzini is so efficient and successful that in the last 4 years we doubled our turnover. This now exceeds one billion HUF while our flexibility and small stuff has been kept.

This strategy is based on 7 main pillars :

– quality


– customer centered performance

– low operating cost resulting competitive prices

– flexibility


-continous product development

Thanks to our  extensive partnership in the EU and overseas we continously secure controlled raw materials for our production and the imported finished goods.

Dozens of finished items are produced in our local domestic workshops satisfying customer demand, All our products conform to strict EU regfulations. We pay speacial attention to the environment conscious production and marketing of our goods meaning :

  • Our cling films are exclusively made of environment friendly PE raw material and not PVC.
  • Big size garbage bags are produced from regranules.
  • We have established Household Garbage bag family using 100 % selected recycled raw material from collected plastic waste in order to protect and save nature.
  • Our  baking paper carry international PEFC certification ( conscious forest farming )

Consequentially represented cost efficiency , quality and high standard is guaranteed by our devoted technical and commercial stuff with more than 20 years professional background and international experience.

Our management information system has been further developed from tendered EU support in the frame of Széchenyi plan.

Mazzini products appear in various chains and shops in almost every part of Hungary.

Hopefully with the above we managed to provide sensual overview about our company and our devotion to the customers.

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