Cikkszám 101430
EAN kód 5999548690062
VTSZ 76071990
Db / karton 20
Db / raklap 1200
Sor / raklap 4
Karton / sor 15
Karton / raklap 60
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MAZZINI Premium BBQ tray (34x23cms) 3 pcs/pack

For grilling meat, fish,vegetables or fruits

Product characteristics and advantages :

Can be used on grilling grid ( heated by charcoal or ember ) and in ovens

The grilled pices will not stick to the tray and will therefore be easy to turn 

Thanks to its special design the food will get the taste and flavour of grilling

Through the slots grilling smoke gets in direct contact with food

Grilled pieces won’t get burnt , tha tray protects them from sooting

The gaps retain fat so grilling is done in it

Fat will not drip on fire so there will be no disturbing nand unnecessary flaring up

Made of tasteless special alloy

Elegant, attention grabbing design

Customers can find detailed application suggestions on the product

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