EAN kód5999548690505
Db / karton50
Db / raklap2500
Sor / raklap5
Karton / sor10
Karton / raklap50

Household greaseproof paper sheets 60x80cms

     Primarely for packing food  (meat, cakes, sandwiches )

Product advantages and characteristics :

  • Made in two sizes 40×60 cms and 60×80 cms, each pack containing 5 sheets
  • Raw material : good quality 30-32 gms/m2 weight white translucent parchment replacement paper
  • For covering and packing food, lining trays
  • Big width ( 40 and 60 cms ) makes them suitable to pack larger food items
  • Greaseproof and up to a limit waterproof as well
  • Both sides maybe used
  • Suitable for use in refrigirators and ovens
  • Taste and odourless, fireproof up to 200 C
  • Thanks to its translucency well applicable for school , hobby and DIY purposes
  • Both items are hygienic and harmless to health

Keep it away from open flame and glooming wires !

Not to be used for grill function in microwave ovens !

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