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T-shirt carrier bag 19 x 40 cms 11µ

For the hygienic packing and carrying of vegetables, friuts, bakery products and non-food items ( shoes, clothing )

  • Application fields :
  • Comes handy paractically in all kinds of shops as usually do not have bags with them. These affordable carrier bags are the evident solution.
  • In food stalls for packing and taking away grilled chicken, roasted pork leg, etc.
  • For packing bigger lots of vegetables and friuts when shopping on markets.
  • When travelling you may use them for packing and separating clothing and other items hyhienically within the suitcase.

Product advantages and characteristics :

  • T-shirt carrier bags actually replace the classical well known carrier bags.
  • The name comes from its shape as the top of these bags looks like the upper part of a T-shirt.
  • Made of prime grade white or coloured/striped PE foil which is harmless to health.
  • In our range we have a choice of different size T-shirt bags which are durable, and of reliable quality.
  • They come in block execution so when hanged up each piece is easily separable at perforation.
  • They offer an excellent solutuion for the hygienic packing and reliable carrying of food products and other items.
  • They protect food from outside effects, moisture, contamination and insects.
  • Saves packed products from drying out.
  • When destroyed it disintegrates into particles harmless to the environment.
  • Keep it away from children as they can cause suffocation when pulled over the head !
  • Not to be used in ovens, microwaves or on hot plates !
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