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Pouch 30 x 50 cms 5kgs

  • For packing , storing and delivering vegetables, meat products, bakery items.

    Fields of application :

    • In food stores, on markets it is indispensable for the hygienic packing of bakery items, vegetables, meat products and pickles.
    • Especially suitable for wrapping sandwiches and packing bakery goods in food stalls and bakeries.
    • Often used in households, kitchens, pantries.

    Product advantages and characteristics :

    • Made of first class crystal clear PE foil which is harmless to health.
    • Block execution.
    • When hanged up the pouches can easily be separated at perforation.
    • Excellent solution for the hygienic, quick and cost saving packaging of food.
    • May come in direct contact with food.
    • Protects food from outer effects, humidity and contamination.
    • Keeps packed food fresh.
    • Can be used in refrigirators and freezers.
    • In the fridge stops odour spreading or catching and assure visibility of food and meals.
    • May be used for sour and savoury food items.
    • Greasproof. Heat resistant up to 110 C.
    • The pouches are hygienic, odour and tasteless.
    • When destroyed they disintegrate to parts harmless to environment.
    • In microwaves to be used only for melting and heating up !
    • Not to be used on ovens or in hot plates !
    • Keep them away from children, as they can cause suffocation when pulled over the head !
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