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Db / karton5
Db / raklap300
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Karton / sor12
Karton / raklap60
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Protector foil ladder proof 20 m²

The Protector foils serve to cover various surfaces, furnitures mainly against dust
  • This ladder proof Protector foil has a high thickness of 50 my .
  • This means it may be used unlimitedly indoors and out.
  • Made of regranulated PE material with opaque colour.
  • When spread out on any kind of floor painters can move around with their ladders.
  • Excellent for protection against weather impacts, rain, e.g. for covering piles of wood, or wood chunks.
  • To protect surfaces from plaster or waste.
  • Suitable for covering garden pools, cars, garden grills over winter.
  • You can put them under trees  when harvesting crops ( especially stone-fruits) .
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