Cikkszám 101315
EAN kód 5999548690178
VTSZ 76071111
Db / karton 6
Db / raklap 180
Sor / raklap 3
Karton / sor 10
Karton / raklap 30
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MAZZINI ALUPACK 29 cms x 300 m 9µ

Application fields :

An elegant and safe way to protect, pack, store ortransport cold snacs by  party service companies 

Indispensible packing material for buffets and  gyros stalls

Multiple applications in large catering kitchens , company canteens, restaurants or hospitals

Helpful when packing and taking away cold breakfast in hotels.

Product advantages and characteristics :

  • The coloured printed dispenser box of this product saves it from damage or contamination.
  • The sharp cutting edge of the box makes possible portioning, slicing of foil to measure 
  • Purpose made packing and 29 cms width of this strong foil satisfies every demand of the users. 
  • User friendly, safe and easy unwinding, little risk of breaking
  • Alufoil protects food from outside effects, moisture and contamination.
  • It maintains moisture, freshness and aromas of food.
  • Keeps packed meals warm.
  • Well applicable in fridges, freezers and ovens as well.
  • In fridges it stops food catching or spreading odours.
  • Odour and tasteless. Greaseproof. Fireproof up to 600 C.
  • Product may get in direct touch with food. The corresponding EU approval  appears on the packing too
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