EAN kód5999548690666
Db / karton25
Db / raklap3000
Sor / raklap20
Karton / sor6
Karton / raklap120
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Debris bag 55 cms x 110cms 92µ black

  • Made of recycled polethylene in black colour.
  • Due to its extreme thickness ( 90-92 my ) is not only able to reliably function in itself but is also suitable for collection and storage of debris resulting from renovation or costruction of houses and flats.
  • Because of it extra thicknes it is mad and sold in folded flat form.
  • Suitable for collecting and storing waste from household and garden.
  • Indispensable when collecting and storing heavy waste securely and hygienically.
  • Can bear heavy loads , in extreme cases recommended to use two bags together.
  • Use with limitation in case of sharp, pointed items.
  • When destroyed they disintegrate to components harmless to nature.
  • Keep it away from fire . They can shrink, melt and even catch fire !
  • Keep it away from children ! Can cause suffocation when pulled over the head.

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