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MAZZINI Fruit preserving foil 50 pcs 17×17 cms

Made of thermoplastic material
    • Special OPP film which is thermoplastic, but does not soften when it gets in touch with water.
    • Sealing capability is best at around 100 C, so it works best at preservation temperature.
    • Its precut size is suitable to cover and close jarsfor pickles and jams  up to 5 litres .
    • You may preserve cold vegetables , fruits by using this foil but it should be heated up e.g. in ovens or by hair dryer.
    • When covering jars with wide opening it is recommended to use more sheets together ( 2-3 pcs )
    • For fixing the foil and closing the jars we recommend to use Mazzini rubber rings.
    • Applying several rubber rings together will improve safety of closure.

Jars may be filled up to maximum capacity even if the foil gets in touch with jam, pickles or pickle liquor. This will not deteriorate length and quality of preservation.

  • The material of this foil secures air tight closing, on the other hand it ” breathes ” so the level of preservation liquid will remain stable.
  • Hygienic product, harmless to health.
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