Item No. 101125
EAN code 5999548690468
VTSZ 76071111
Piece/carton 35
Piece/pallet 2520
Row/pallet 4
Carton/row 18
Carton/pallet 72
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Elementor #3388

This reliable , excellent quality silicone coated baking paper was designed for major users ( bakeries, confectionaries ) .
For baked products, cakes, pizzas etc.
Ideal for lining all kinds of trays and baking forms.
  • Both sides may be used also multiple times
    • Tray will stay clean does not get contaminated
    • Healthy cooking since no need to grease it or scatter it with flour
    • Suitable for packing greasy food like cold cuts, meat products etc.
    • Stops  baked finished cakes from breaking.
    • Top of the cakes will not get burnt when covered with this baking paper
    • Suitable for use refrigirators and freezers.
    • Can be used in microwave ovens
    • Taste and odour free, heat resistant up to 220 C
    • To be used only in preheated ovens !
    • Make sure paper does not contact hot oven walls !
    • Do not place paper close to open flame or sizzling wire !
    • Do not use it for grilling !
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