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MAZZINI Tooth picks 220 pcs in jar

  • Primarely oral hygene product for cleaning intertooth space after meals. Product advantages and characteristics :
    •  Exclusive and hygienic storage due to individual packaging.
    • Most economic refill by 200 and 500 pcs packs
    • Material: 1st class birch wood
    • 1,5-1,8 mm diameter cylinder shaped product
    • Light brown or cream colour natural wood look
    • Tender to gums smooth surface
    • Pointed at both ends
    • Teeth come in contact with uncoated natural soft wood which safeguards gums and teeth
    • Maybe used at both ends
    • For application in restaurants , homes, during picnics and holidays
    • Ideal tool when preparing bites or “finger-food”
    • Can be useful for pressing gently recessed  instrument buttons
    • Disposable environment friendly product
    • Sold in practical recyclable packaging
    • Unlimited life when stored in a dry place

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