Cikkszám  Item No.101125
EAN kód  EAN code5999548690468
Db / karton  piece/carton35
Db / raklap  piece/pallet2520
Sor / raklap   row/pallet4
Karton / sor   carton/row18
Karton / raklap   carton/pallet72

Elementor #3352

Product advantages and characteristics:

  • Thicker and stronger than most alufoils in the trade
  • User friendly, safe and easy to wind, rarely breaks
  • Preserves freshness and flavour of food
  • Odourless and tasteless, greaseproof, heat resistant up to 600 C
  • Elegant, attention grabbing, new and leading packing in its category
  • The only alufoil family on the market with a different photo on each size thus increasing quality and aesthetic of appearence.
  • For easier identification of the various sizes ( 10,20 and 30 meters ) not only the different photos but different colour codes are repeatedly used. For the Premium product family we use a navy colour background which grants these 3 products  sophisticated unity 
  • The colour codes at the end of each roll help  to identify size reliably even if due to restricted space the core ends face the customer on the shelf.
  • Our display cartons enhance presenting our products elegantly and simplify the job of shop workers.
  • Not recommended for packing extremely salty or acidic goods !
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